National Planning and Legislation Support

Since its begginings, INBio has promoted, supported and been part of the creation of different types of policies and legal tools, which aim to encourage the national biodiversity’s conservation and regulate the use of the goods and services provided by it.

This way, INBio’s work has mainly focused on supporting the National System of Conservation Areas (SINAC), the Biodiversity Management National Commission (CONAGEBIO) and other entities that are associated to the Environment, Energy and Telecommunications Ministry (MINAET).  On the other hand, INBio actively participates in several national commissions and specialized groups that have promoted or have been part of the creation of helpful tools in topics such as: communities’ sustainable development and tourism.

As part of this support, INBio generates and processes general information about the national biodiversity and its experience in topics related to accessing genetic resources, inventories and systematization of the information, is transferred and used in very diverse ways by users related to developing these legal and political tools.

Likewise, the support is also expressed through coordinating and participating in workshops and meetings seeking to accomplish a general consent amongst different actors involved in developing these tools.


Here we number the main legal, politic and planning tools in which INBio took place both creating and implementing them:


Ley de Biodiversidad y su Reglamento. 1998 (Reglamento se elaboró 10 años después en el 2008).


  • Biodiversity Law ant its regulations. 1998 (The Regulations were made 10 years later on 2008) 
  • National Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainable Uses Strategy.  2000
  •  National Climate Change Strategy. 2010
  • Country Reports on the implementation of the Convention on Biological Diversity: Four National Reports from 1999 to 2010.
  • Drafting of the “Harmony with Nature” Chapters in the Nation’s State Reports, CONARE. 2005 and 2007 to 2009.  Up until now, each year INBio participates with information about the progress of the National Biodiversity Inventory.
  • Government Programs: From the Forest to Society (1994) and Peace with Nature (2006)


On the national program commissions, from which INBio is active member, other planning and legal tools are also promoted, as well as the proposal of diverse national and local topics:

  • Small Donations Program, Global Environmental Fund-GEF, through PNUD.  Member since 2003
  • Biological Corridors National Program’s and Biological Corridors Net Assessing Committee.  Member since 2009
  • Granting and Monitoring of the Touristic Sustainability Certification (CST). ICT Commission. Member since the beginning of the Commission
  • National Ecotourism Association (CANAECO).  Member since 2010.

Toma desiciones conservación

On the other hand, INBio manages two funds on Debt-For-Nature, one with Spain and the other one with USA.  In both funds, the managing function is related to the implementation of the established objectives that came to be through INBio’s or third parties’ projects, specifically NOG’s.  These objectives are related to conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity on a particular region such as the North Region, in Spain’s case, and 6 prioritized geographic areas related to the results of Cranes II and Forest conservation, in USA’s case.