Territorial Management

Territorial management refers to the actions and activities that are carried out to promote a sustainable use of the territory. 

Gestión Territorial


Its main goal is to define guidelines that make optimum use of the resources and ecosystemic services.

In Territorial Management, INBio has made many retrospective analysis of different regions of the country, and developed studies of land possession and other based on the biodiversity of a particular area.

INBio’s work in territorial management unit also involves developing management plans and identifying prioritary places where biodiversity should be protected.  Furthermore, it has also helped define which areas of the costarican territory are vulnerable to natural threats such as floods or landslides.

INBio has worked in territorial management in different special, community, district, state, basins and biological corridors.  INBio’s work in this matter has taken place both inside and outside the country’s protected areas.

As a result of its work in territorial management, INBio has pointed out the conservation value  in different areas of Costa Rica, indicated important places for biological diversity preservarion and defined guidelines to accomplish a sustainable use of the territory.  In short, through territorial management, INBio helps the country to maximize its ecosystemic resources in a sustainable way.

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