CNFLOne of INBio’s main contributions has been the formulation of a concept frame for the protection knowledge and use of biodiversity, which is today a national policy.  This frame emphasizes that the best way to conserve biodiversity is through its rightful use to improve the costaricans quality of life, involving the most diverse sectors in society in this process.

INBio has been pointed out in various national and international forums as a pioneer institution on the biodiversity research field.  It also constitutes a private-public management model through the strategic alliance with the Conservation Areas National System (SINAC) and the Environment, Energy and Telecommunications Ministry (MINAET) that has allowed a greater development of a joint agenda that aims toward the completion of goals and incorporates all forces in one effort for conservation.


Rio Frio

  1. Design recommendation for protected areas and biological corridors.
  2. Management plans (conservation).
  3. Support services for territorial planning.
  4. Methodologies design and monitoring development about biodiversity and water conservation state, through bioindicators.
  5. Operation and Installation of biological stations.
  6. Flora and fauna biological monitoring design and development.
  7. Identification of key elements for conservation and management.
  8. Ecosystem identification and characterization.
  9. Insect, plant and fungi identification in laboratories.
  10. Technical assessment and training on oyster mushrooms cultivation.




Proyectos en Ejecución

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Desde inicios del 2012, y auspiciada por la Unión Europea, se ejecuta esta iniciativa con la participación del Instituto Nacional de Biodiversidad (INBio), en asocio con la Fundación para la Paz y la Democracia (FUNPADEM).

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INBio ofrece a sus clientes soluciones integrales y les genera nuevas opciones, que incidan de manera positiva en la conservación y utilización sostenible de la biodiversidad por medio de sus actividades y proyectos.

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