Education and Training



The Education and Training Unit is in charge of INBio’s Educative Strategies’ fulfillment, which directly contributes to the instruction of naturalist citizens hoping to support conservation in a local, national and global level.  Diverse educational projects take place in environmental, scientific, and technologic matters aimed to different audiences, including elementary and middle school students.

As a result, INBio has developed several processes to share its information and knowledge on biodiversity with diverse audiences for educational, scientific, touristic, legal, political, conservationist and/or recreation purposes through several product and service developments that prioritize biodiversity and who’s main objectives is to support bioliteracy.

The unit has a large training offer, including scientific topics on biodiversity, biodiversity uses, environmental education and interpretation, amongst others.  The trainings are shaped according to the public’s specific needs, for example, natural science professionals, families, schools, universities, businesses, and other private or state institutions.  Some of these trainings are programmed periodically, while others adapt to the concrete needs of the institution or people interested in them.  Nowadays, INBio offers courses for naturalist guides, eatable fungi cultivation, orchids, butterflies’ natural history, arachnids, native decorative plants, geographic information systems, conservation and many others.

Other tools seeking greater bioliteracy are INBio’s Editorial, with more tan 135 published books and 22 products, INBIoparque, a very visited theme park and CIbercolmenas, a project created with the main objective to encourage innovative uses of technology and science in classrooms,  wild areas and cyberspace all together, to generate experiences and projects that persuade elementary and middle schools students to learn more and care about biodiversity.


  • Educational programs for schools, local communities, organizations and businesses design and execution.
  • Face to face and virtual educational programs for schools and colleges.
  • Cibercolmenas

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