Bioliteracy is the experience-based learning process that allows an individual to value biodiversity through time, adopt respectful life ethics and assume her responsibility in the use and conservation of all living things and its ecosystems.  Its main goal is to promote behavioural changes that favor an harmonic relationship between nature and human being’s sustainable development.

The Education and Training unit, offers a wide range of programs that iclude scientific topics on biodiversity, biodiversity uses, interpretation and environmental education, amongst others. The trainings are shaped according to the public’s specific needs, for example, natural science professionals, families, schools, universities, businesses, and other private or state institutions.

Some of these trainings are programmed periodically, while others adapt to the concrete needs of the institution or people interested in them.  Nowadays, INBio offers courses for naturalist guides, eatable fungi cultivation, orchids, butterflies’ natural history, arachnids, native decorative plants, geographic information systems, conservation and many others.

Furthermore, several labors take place to support all research areas within INBio to translate scientific information to a friendlier language that everyone can understand.

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