Editorial INBio’s main objective is the dissemination of knowledge about biodiversity and its sustainable use, to support its conservation and appreciation by society. This process, called bioliteracy, is carried out using high quality publications, scientific rigor and varied formats aimed at all kinds of audiences (educational games for boys and girls, table games for the family, books in both print and electronic formats, maps, DVDs, posters and laminas, and more).

Since its creation in July 2001, Editorial INBio has published more than 214 titles. Nearly half of these correspond to the category of scientific books aimed at the general public, most of them Spanish-English bilingual. Some noteworthy examples are: Guide to the Birds of Costa Rica, Macrofungi of Costa Rica, Paramos of Costa Rica, Trees of Costa Rica, Butterflies of Costa Rica, Membracids of Tropical America and the Dictionary of Biodiversity.





All Editorial INBio publications are available to the public at many points of sales in Costa Rica and in our Virtual Bookstore on the Internet http://www.inbio.ac.cr/editorial

Editorial INBio is part of the National Biodiversity Institute of Costa Rica (INBio)